Classic Auto Imports


About Us

One very happy buyer wrote us upon returning home with his car the following:
"...everywhere I stopped, I had people asking me about the car; a gas station attendant left his locked booth to look at it, the guy at the toll booth, a guy driving by me honking and giving me the thumbs up, a couple of New York Taxi cab drivers, two kids on bikes in Brooklyn at 2:00 am at the gas station saying what a sweet ride I have! The list goes on. You're probably used to that by now. Thanks for making me cool! ... Thanks again for the amazing car."

About Us

I have always had a hankering for antique cars and English Old Timers in particular (although I have restored several Model A's myself). Now that I am retired, I have the time to go abroad and find the best on the market.

I select classic motor cars in England and the United States from very reputable restorers and trustworthy enthusiasts. They drive like new cars, inexpensive to purchase, (and operate!) $12 per year in New Hampshire to register and only $150 per year for total insurance coverage! We average between 40 -45 mpg with our Minis.

Heads turn when they see us coming. All these cars are in beautiful shape and everyday drivers; they are meant to be driven and that is the fun part! We now offer these fine classics for sale to motoring enthusiasts around the world.

The Brits are fastidious about their old classics! I have visited them many times in England and now, prior to purchasing a car, I insist on personally examining and driving them so I know their quality first hand. Even my ten-year-old grandson is enthusiastic about all the classics I buy and isn't too sure that I really ought to resell them!

Why buy from me?

We've done all the detailed work in locating first class cars, getting them transported to the UK docks, paid ocean freight, customs, customs brokers, shipping company extras, picked up the cars in New York, brought them to New Hampshire, titled and registered them in New Hampshire for easy transfer to other U.S. states, etc. All you need to do is select the one you want for your own fun and satisfaction! You will not be disappointed with any one — or two — that you you choose...and the prices are very reasonable. My phone number is 603-717-2334.

You can view the cars online, talk to me via email or telephone, or preferably come examine them in person prior to buying. New Hampshire is a lovely part of the world and we're located seven miles from Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H.

— Garlan