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1990 Bentley Turbo R

I am offering my 1990 Bentley Turbo R with maintenance history, 52,000 original miles and a great California history for sale (Auto Check Clean). I am a member of the Rolls Royce Owner's Club and this is my 4th car belonging to the Bentley and Rolls Royce family. My 1990 Bentley Turbo R is a SUPER car. From being smooth to downright powerful it is simply AMAZING! There is no evidence of an accident on this car. The 6.8 liter turbocharged motor is in excellent condition and has great power. The turbo pulls this heavy car with ease. The transmission couldn't shift any better at all. The transmission is very strong and it will impress you since the shift points are PERFECT!

The factory chrome Bentley wheels really set this car off. There are no scratches or curb rash on these wheels. The caps have locking small caps that hide the large locks for security. The car is makes a very pronounced entrance anywhere it goes. The all-black color scheme is a very sport-luxury look. The chrome wheels and bright chrome trimmings set the car off and it is simply stunning. The windows have a very high end window film tinting done very professionally. At night it is not hard to see out but it does give you some privacy which you will appreciate since everybody wants to see what kind of a man or woman is driving such a stunning car. This also protects the inside from sun damage and keeps the inside nice and cool in the summer.

The manufacturer uses so many coats of paint that after time (hot California sun) you experience cracking in the paint — this is very common. This Bentley has been completely repainted Masons Black and it was done very well as you can see. This is so important to buy your car repainted because you will not want to spend the $10,000 to have it done and the time as well. This car is a driver. Hop in and drive across the country with no worries. The car is very dependable and reliable as it should be.

The car is said to have 600 ft. lbs. of torque and about 345 horsepower. Mechanical problems common to these cars have been taken care of — a new belt was installed for the dual distributors recently. The power steering rack, a known-leaker on these cars, was rebuilt by the Rolls Royce and Bentley top professional Douglas Siebert. He is well-known for his expertise in these fine cars. This rack was built to never leak again and it looks better than new. This Bentley is not leaking anything at all and it is super-clean on the bottom. I took the time to clean up after my power steering rack leak so the car is back to its splendor. The underside of this car is simply amazing. This Bentley lived in California until April 2007 — it was then purchased by a gentleman from North Carolina so there is no rot on it. I purchased this beauty in 2008 and have kept it inside my warehouse for the winter and it is garage at my home in the spring, summer and fall.

There are no areas that ever rust repair or damage repair. The Bentley has brand new 255/65/15 high-end Goodyear Eagle LS tires and ride super-smooth. The brakes on this car are four-wheel disc brakes with two calipers on each front wheel! Needless to say that this nearly 6,000 lb. car stops on a dime! The suspension is tight and holds the road great! These Bentley Turbo R cars are a sport-luxury car so you feel like being a bit aggressive then it's no problem. It's ready! The exhaust is stainless steel and in excellent condition. The car has new upper ball joints in the front end as well as new front end bearings and upper control arm bushings. The front brakes have new rotors, new pads and the calipers (yes, all four front calipers) were serviced. There is no corrosion on the lines that are very important on this car. The car is VERY clean. The car has the hydraulic suspension and keeps the rear-end lifted nicely. The bumpers on the car have no scrapes or damage. The lenses and trim on the car are in super shape. The car has headlight cleaner squirters and work super. The windshield cleaner squirters work great. The wipers work perfect. The horn works perfect. ALL of the lights work perfectly. The power windows all (yes all four) work. The car has power locks and they work including locking the trunk because the car has keyless entry. The power mirrors work great. The car has power seats in the front with four memory positions. Each front seat has two lumbar controls and two heated seat selections.

A few things to mention that I would have liked to address (but have clearly reduced the price for): The driver's seat heater is not working. The digital trip counter is not always working properly. Between the tachometer and the speedometer is the two- by five-inch digital display (speedometer is the one with the miles for the car which are actual and have always worked properly). As a result, the car shows the TRIP miles so you can't read them sometimes and that causes the "air bag" and sometimes "ice" to illuminate on the information part of the digital display. No there has not been an air bag deployment. I have the receipt showing that the trip counter is the reason for this malfunction.

The inside of the car screams RICH! The black leather has not been resprayed or redyed as most have been. The leather-wrapped steering wheel is in SUPER shape and the leather feels so nice on your hands. The door panels are all-leather and are stunning. The chrome trim inside the car is nice and bright. The leather dash shows no sun damage. The wood on the door tops is stunning. The dash wood is in very nice shape. The carpets are super clean and fresh. NO SMOKING, NO PETS, NO AIR FRESHENERS, NO MOTH BALLS or smelly anything have been in this car. It smells like a Bentley should which is overwhelming leather smell. The headliner has been upgraded to a Ostrich skin and genuine leather two-tone headliner that goes down the pillars. It is stunning and also impresses everybody that sees it. You can see that the car has a rear T.V. built into the center console. The rear T.V. console was done in 1990 and will play what the front DVD is showing. They are linked together. The front radio (Done in 2007) features a DVD player, CD player, iPod connection, video card slot and so much more. There are many (four total) remote controllers to operate all of the equipment that this car has. Built into the console below the normal storage area is a hidden Jewelry box with a lock the size of a half dollar! This is very handy. The seats have had the proper treatments with Connolly hide food. They are firm since the car has factory sports seats but the leather is in great condition. The carpet in the trunk is in mint condition.

The car has a brand-new Bosch battery installed. The car loses no oil between oil changes and that is a great thing to know to back up the care that this car has had through the years. The new front chrome plate holder is from brand new Phantom Rolls Royce and looks great on the car. The spoilers on the car are in very nice shape, showing no major errors from parking. The chrome tips on the exhaust are chrome and are mint condition. The quality used on this car is amazing and you will be able to enjoy this for years to come. These cars were one of Bentley's greatest creations and made a super BOOM in the demand for them. They are a very dependable car and are a supercar all the way. This car features a full-size Bentley alloy spare with the new tire since-new mounted. The air conditioning system has a new compressor, new expansion valve, new a/c valve filters, new dryer all installed and is the newer R134 system all done in 2007. The car is all-serviced and ready to be driven every day by its new owner.


• 52,000 Miles
• Automatic transmission
• 8-cylinder 6.8 liter engine

• Beautiful paint
• Recent service
• Rust-free, straight body

• Left-hand drive
• Front and back seat belts
• Working air conditioning
• Like-new carpeting
• Wonderful leather seating
• Unique DVD/CD TV + radio

• Excellent tires
• Car sits level, no sagging
• Fantastic Turbo R

• Powerful 6.8 liter Bentley engine
• Regularly serviced