Classic Auto Imports


1978/94 Mini Cooper

This beautiful Mini in British Racing Green was made in the U.K. by Rover and exported to Japan where a "little old lady drove it only on Saturday afternoons" and the rest of the time it was in her garage. I'm told it's a true situation and the car is in outstanding condition.

I have given this Mini a very close examination and I cannot find any rust on it anywhere. Due to the mild Japanese climate and the fact they do not use salt on their roads and have strict inspection regulations, rust does not occur.

The car is rated as a 1994 with all the Mini Cooper refinements. I've driven it and it is a very peppy and tight car, very clean and proper.


• 45,000 Miles
• Manual transmission
• 4-cylinder engine

• Original factory green paint.
• Factory flare kit.
• Two driving lights.
• New bumpers.
• Rust-free, straight body.

• Right-hand drive, with 1994 Rover Mini gauges.
• Three-point safety belts.
• Working air conditioning.
• Like-new carpet.
• Half-leather bolstered seats.
• AM/FM radio with cassette player.

• Twelve-inch Minilite wheels.
• Excellent tires.

• 1275cc fuel-injected.