Classic Auto Imports


1978/00 Mini Cooper Sport

This beautiful Tahitian Blue Mini Cooper 1.3i Sport Pack drives just like a new car. It is extremely "tight" on the road and has the power to zip along at 80 mph all day long. It has a very powerful 1.3 liter fuel-Injected motor upgraded to 2000 standards (the last year classic Minis were produced in England). This hot little car only has 35,300 miles on her and I have personally driven over 2,000 of them during the past six months.

The car was first registered in 1978 and was totally redone in England to 2000 standards by a shop very well known to me which only does classic Minis. This is a very clean car, rust free and nice straight body work. Although the car is not concours condition — and the price reflects that — she is a very drivable classic for everyday use. It has Hi-Low suspension, uprated shocks, cross-drilled vented discs, de-restricted throttle body, tube headers, air bag, Immobilizer, etc. A very nice little Mini!

This car is registered in New Hampshire and has a clean N.H. title. It is far less costly than a new Mini and is ever so much more UNIQUE. Considered an anitique automobile by the DMV, it costs less than $25/year to register and less than $150/year to insure it. It also gets 40 miles to the gallon of regular petrol!


• 35,300 Miles
• Manual transmission
• 4-cylinder engine

• Tahitian blue, with Cooper stripes and decals.
• Rust-free, straight body.

• Right-hand drive, with 2000 Rover Mini gauges.
• Three-point safety belts and driver's side airbag.

• Hi-Low suspension
• Uprated shocks.
• Cross-drilled vented disc brakes

• 1.3 liter fuel-injected.
• De-restricted throttle body.
• Tube headers.