Classic Auto Imports


1977/98 Mini Cooper

This Mini Cooper 1.3i Sport Pack is a ball to drive! It has the wide tires and holds the road like a fly to flypaper. It therefore has a stiffer suspension than a non-sport model, but that is exactly what one wants. It takes off like a jack rabbit and can cruise all day at 75 mph on the interstate. That and it still gets about 40 miles per gallon of regular fuel.


• 58,000 Miles
• Manual transmission
• 4-cylinder engine

• Red, with Cooper stripes and decals.
• Full Webasto electric sun roof.
• Thirteen-inch alloy wheels.
• Wide flares on the fenders.
• Four driving lights.

• Right-hand drive, with 1998 Rover Mini gauges.
• Three-point safety belts and driver's side airbag.
• Walnut dash with extra instruments.

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