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1972 Vanden Plas Princess 1300

I have fallen in love with these fine Vanden Plas automobiles! In my view, they are the undiscovered jewel of classic British motor cars. They are very solidly made, ooze quality and luxury in a very affordable price range. With amenities like leather seats, walnut dashboard and wood picnic tables, the Vanden Plas is without a doubt the most underpriced classic British car available today.

My wife and I purchased this car in Cornwall in September. We then proceeded to drive it over 1,200 miles over two weeks while touring southwestern England. We ended up at the Beaulieu Museum's annual car rally and had a ball looking at some 800 cars...none more beautiful than our red Vanden Plas (maybe some of the 1930s Rolls and Benteleys were also nice). But for driving, it is difficult to beat the efficiency and easy-driving of the Vanden Plas. We had absolutely no problem keeping up with modern cars on the motorways and the car ran flawlessly.

The four-door 1300 VDP remains a very attractive design, very economical, basic Austin engine, and is quickly becoming a classic car of an excellent pedigree. She is not very expensive for the quality of the interior, the engine and the exterior. And, she gets over 35+ miles per gallon! Since she is an "antique" car, she has very low registration costs in any U.S. state. In New Hampshire, it costs $25/year to register the car and insurance is less than $150 per year! You could drive it every day and have very little cost.


• 48,600 Miles
• Manual transmission
• 4-cylinder 1300cc engine

• Beautiful red/maroon paint.
• Two driving lights.
• Rust-free straight body.

• All leather seats.
• Brand new carpets.
• Seat belts.
• Picnic tables.

• Hydrolastic suspension.
• Excellent tires.

• 1300cc carbureted Austin.
• Recently fully serviced.