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1970 Morris Minor Traveller

Millie is one of the more beautiful Travellers we have owned without exaggeration! She is a full Series 3 conversion by Charles Ware at the Morris Minor Center in Bath, England. It has an outstanding performance because of the power in her 1300cc engine and 5-speed gearbox...she can cruise at 75-80 mph effortlessly.

• Manual transmission
• 4-cylinder engine

The modifications on a Series 3 conversion are:
• 1300cc unleaded high compression engine
• Three-branch manifold.
• Full stainless steel exhaust.
• Five-speed full sychromesh gearbox.
• Servo assisted brakes.
• Front disc brakes.
• Remote master cylinder.
• Telescopic shock absorbers front and rear.
• Alternator conversion.
• Hazard warning lights.
• Flash headlights.
• Two-speed wipers.
• Reclining seats.
• Front and rear inertia real seat belts.

Millie looks totally standard except for the wheels (13-inch) which still have Morris hub caps and are all as new with 80%+ tires. This is a very unusual Traveller brought up to more modern standards whose performance is not easily matched...she drives like a dream.

Millie was first registered on May 8, 1970, is right hand drive, almond green exterior/black interior and, of course, the unleaded gasoline 1300cc engine.

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