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1970 Morris Minor Traveller

Only 3 owners in 37 years! The first for 14 years, the second for 18 years and the last for 5 years. The first owner was the Director of the famous Brooklands motor museum and the second was his wife. The third, and most recent owner was the Set Director at Shepperton Film Studios where many famous British films and documentaries have been made since before the Second World War. I have more than 24 years of service history that is absolutely incredible to read. It includes all old MOTs and every receipt, mainly from the same dealer. This includes replacement everything, over the years. It makes fascinating reading.

Snowy really is a beautiful car that has been cosseted and cared for by her owners for 37 years. She is a practical, beautiful, driver friendly and value for money car. She is a proper estate car, with the rear seats folded down, and can carry as much as any modern hatchback. Her looks are far classier than modern cars and, unlike some, are economical, with extremely low running costs, and she can only increase in value.

The mileage is 90,000. She had a replacement second-hand speedo fitted in 1995 that already had 60,000 miles on. The old one had 130,000, so you can deduct 30,000. I will wait for the questions on that one. However, when you see her, I think you will agree she looks very much like a low mileage, well looked after car. This is all documented in the car's history file.

If you are seriously looking for a Traveller for regular everyday use then this one must be worth a look. She drives without fault, is ready for everyday use and, whilst she is not a concours example, Snowy can easily hold her own at the summer shows and still attracts admiring looks from young and old. A trip to the local supermarket can take longer than usual, unless you can ignore all the people who want to talk to you and ask about 'the woody'!

Snowy has always presented herself superbly and I know her new owner will be proud. Her woodwork is absolutely perfect. With regular varnishing it will last for many, many years to come. Although the car is not concours condition — and the price reflects that — she is a very drivable classic for everyday use.

Please read my description carefully, and then study the photographs. Look at others available then come and see Snowy. You will not be disappointed.

I will try to give as full and honest description of Snowy's current condition below but, please come and have a look for yourself if you can.


• 90,000 Miles
• Manual transmission
• 4-cylinder engine

You will be hard pushed to find another Traveller that looks as lovely as this. It is not perfect but it is not far off either. The paint finish is really bright. It has had local repairs over the years, obviously, but there are no colour discrepancies. These do not show in the photos and you will be forgiven for not seeing them close up. The only really visible marks are a few scratches and stone chips. There is no visible, or hidden, rust on top or underneath. The colour is Snowberry White and a touch up comes with the car.

The woodwork is better than excellent. Completely sound with no soft areas. All the joints are good and it has been regularly maintained. A regular coat of clear, gloss varnish will maintain this important part of the car for years to come.

The door shuts, inside the boot and under the bonnet is sound, clean and painted in colour. All four wings are steel.

The underside of the car needs no work at all. It is all exactly as it should be and any work that may have been done in the past must have been done thoroughly and neatly. All the important places like chassis, cross member, sills, spring hangers and inner wings look to be very sound.

The chrome is near perfect, bar one overider that has lost some chrome on one edge.

Exceptional. Without exaggerating, the seats, carpets, door cards, headlining and dashboard are all in excellent condition. The seats are as new. It is comfortable and the heater works. The dashboard is as standard. Everything inside looks and works, as it should. The boot area is newly finished to show standard with wood trim to match the exterior. Rear inertia reel seat belts are fitted.

Snowy runs exceptionally well. There is no smoke, knocks, or whines from the engine. There is no noises from the gearbox, even in first and reverse, or jumping out of gear which means you can have a nice smooth drive, which is a real bonus in a Morris Minor. There are no oil leaks either. The engine was new less than 30,000 miles ago and was a full unleaded unit. The brakes are great and pull up nice and square.

The tyres are all 80% minimum. It has an alternator conversion, excellent halogen headlights and hazard warning lights fitted. All the electrics work as they should and the battery is fine.

Overall this is a really pleasant, fun car to drive. Snowy is very sensible for everyday use and will undoubtedly be a good investment for the future, if looked after. I am sure the new owner will be proud. However, all the above is my opinion only and, of course, I am biased, so please make time to view if you can. Snowy is a lovely car and desperately needs a caring new owner to accompany her through the next 37 years.