Classic Auto Imports


1969 Morris Minor Van

Here is a very unusual Morris Minor Van that was totally restored. I first saw this van when it was undergoing a total restoration. "You don't find vans in this condition because most of them were used in businesses and they were run until they didn't go any more," I've been told many times. So to find one totally restored and rust free is very unusual. Because of the condition of this vehicle, it cost me more, but it is virtually a new van with many years of good service left in her — you won't have to spend anything on her except a bit of gasoline once in a while!

The van had new brakes put all around and a complete servicing; it passed the U.K. MOT with flying colors and you can see the officials checking all the VIN and other numbers in the photos.

I also had an Austin Orange Van that had been totally restored (look at it in the "Cars Sold" section of this website). I sold it to a gentleman on Long Island who put his company's logo on the side along with his telephone number and description of what he does for a living. He wrote that his telephone is ringing off the wall as people say they saw his "cute" van and remembered his company — the cheapest and best kind of publicity a company can get!


• 68,000 Miles
• Manual 4-speed transmission
• 4-cylinder engine

• New bare metal Olde English White paint
• Total restoration
• Rust-free, straight body

• Three-point seat belts
• New carpeting
• New seats

• Excellent tires
• Rims powder coated

• 1089cc Morris Engine
• Economical to drive