Classic Auto Imports


1969 Morris Minor Traveller

At 39-years-young, Harry is a really lovely car to look at and to drive. The Morris Traveller has such a huge following worldwide — parts will always be in demand and easily available. This car is one of the best investments (and the most fun) in the classic car scene today.


• 97,000 Miles
• Manual transmission
• 4-cylinder engine

Reflected in its paperwork, Harry has not wanted for anything. Please see the photos to verify the condition — or better still — come and have a look for yourself. Not a concours car, Harry has been in constant use and has acquired a lovely patina that really looks original.


The metal is in excellent shape. There is no visible rust, anywhere, on the bodywork. All the fenders are steel. There is the odd touch up here and there and some evidence of previous local repair. Overall, the metalwork is great and the paint finish over the whole car is superb. The engine compartment, while not finished to show condition, is clean and functional and the spare wheel well and trunk floor are likewise.

The underside, floor, chassis, sills, etc., are all completely sound and regularly undersealed. There are signs of previous welding over the years all having been done professionally and neatly. The chrome is nearly perfect, all around.

The woodwork is absolutely beautiful. It has a very nice slightly-aged, but well looked-after appearance. The grain is fantastic and the finish is just great. It is treated with a satin finish microporous varnish. A gloss topcoat, if you prefer, could be added. The rear doors line up perfectly and all sliding windows work, as they should.


Lovely. Finished in light blue throughout. All the seats are very comfortable. Fitted with rear inertia-reel seat belts. There is a small glued mark on the base of the driver's seat and one loose seam on the edge of the passenger's. The front headliner and visors are perfect and the rear liner has a tear by the rear doors. The dash and parcel shelf are very nice and intact. The trunk area is very clean and looks to have had hardly any use.


Harry is converted to run on unleaded fuel. Needless to say the engine starts immediately, and runs with no smoke or untoward noises, although there is an oil drip after a run. (What English car doesn't?) The gearbox is good in all gears, does not jump out, or whine, which is a real bonus. A new clutch kit was fitted a few years ago. The brakes are converted to discs on the front and work very well. There are no faults with the steering or suspension.

The battery is good, the electrics all work, the tires are all excellent, although the spare is punctured and the exhaust is recent.

As previously stated, Harry is not quite a concours example, although his looks are stunning! He has been in use continually, maintained regularly and kept in the best condition possible for his age. He is ready to use every day and show whenever possible.