Classic Auto Imports


1969 Morris Minor Traveller

Parker has had over 7,000 pounds (ca $14,000) spent on him in 1998 and has hardly been driven since. (Well documented with all the receipts to go with the car.) He has an unleaded silver seal engine, servo assisted brakes, disc brakes and alternator conversion. Oil and temperature guages inside; the bodywork is immaculate and the wood is literally new.


• 63,023 Miles
• Manual transmission
• 4-cylinder engine

We drove Parker back from Port Elizabeth, N.J., to New Hampshire (300 miles) crusing along at 60-65 mph with no hesitation whatsoever. There must have been 40-50 cars that gave the enthusiastic "thumbs up" sign as we either passed them or they passed us! It is a real head turner and in outstanding condition.

We are really trying to specialize in Minis and Travellers, the latter being a very unique vehicle and a "beauty to behold" with its furniture-like finished wood and comfortable design. We feel it is one of today's very affordable classics which can be everyday drivers that have a huge following all around the world. Parts are readily available and will be for many years to come.

Parker is the standard 1098cc gasoline engine, 4 speed manual transmission, front and rear seatbelts, right-hand drive, showing 63,023 miles on the clock, first registered 19 February 1969. Although the car is not concours condition — and the price reflects that — she is a very drivable classic for everyday use.