Classic Auto Imports


1968 Morris Minor Traveller

I found three wonderful Travellers in the U.K. that are outstanding examples of the classic station wagon. This one is known as Mum's Car.


• 100,000 Miles
• Manual transmission
• 4-cylinder engine

Only two owners from new, I purchased the car from the second, who is the 80-year-old mother of an English Vicar who bought this car 40 years ago. They had taken loving care of it over those carefully driven years. A restoration was done in 2006 to Mum's Car that included new fenders, new wood and a complete respray. It is the traditional almond green color with 100k miles, always garaged. It has excellent mechanics and an immobilizer to keep anyone from stealing her car.

I drove this remarkable car home from the port in New Jersey — some 300+ miles — and she ran like a top. Okay, I only drove between 55 and 60 mph, but I can't count the number of cars that passed me tooting their horns, smiling and giving me the "thumbs up" sign of admiration! THE BEST PART: over 40 miles per gallon of regular gasoline! It is really a beautiful automobile.

If you are looking for a project car, don't bother looking further at Mum's Car, because as a friend says, "there is nothing more to be done to this car and you would become bored." It is almost concours but you will be hard pressed to find another Traveller in this good overall condition — she will make a very good everyday driver.