Classic Auto Imports


1965 Morris Minor Traveller

A beautifully restored Morris Minor Traveller with only two owners prior to my purchase of Sparrow. It was first purchased by the godparents of the seller's wife on the Isle of Wight and was owned by the seller since 1989. It is a very useful vehicle (as much space as a modern station wagon) which has been diligently maintained and carefully restored. Although Sparrow is not concours — and the price reflects that — she is an everyday driver. When I picked up the car north of London, I was told how the original owners used the car every week to drive to the market to purchase their weekly provisions. As I have seen many times in England in years past, the couple would find a nice site near the ocean, park Sparrow, set up their table and chairs, bring out the picnic basket and enjoy their afternoon tea...and crumpets. Usually the man of the couple was outfitted in coat and tie and it was a "very proper English occasion!"

Registered with a New Hampshire title, it is one of the smoothest running Travellers I have come across. It drives like a dream...come look at her and drive her home.


• Est. 96,600 Miles
• Manual transmission
• 4-cylinder engine

• Bottoms of the doors were rebuilt.
• New front and rear fenders.
• Repainted with epoxy finish that matches the original cellulose, but is a tougher finish.
• Some of the wood has been replaced and all the timber coated with International Yacht Varnish.
• Halogen headlamps.
• Power screenwash.
• Automatic reversing light.

• Right-hand drive.
• Recent carpets.

• New tires.
• New front disc brakes.

• 1098cc engine.
• Crankshaft and big-ends re-ground.
• Replacement gearbox.
• Conversion for unleaded fuel.
• Generator has been replaced with an alternator.
• New exhaust system.