Classic Auto Imports


1958 Morris Minor Van

A very nice Morris Minor van from 1958 that has recently undergone restoration with a reconditioned engine and gearbox. It is in very good condition mechanically, and although a very acceptable body, it could stand a bit of TLC to make it a first class vehicle. It runs very well and "starts on the button," as they say in England, so mechanically it is in very good condition.

The van needs cosmetic work done to it. The seats need replacing and there are several large bubbles on the exterior paint work. Although this is not a serious defect, it is not up to my usual high standards of cars that I buy.

Because of its age, we can't guarantee the mileage (32,000) but it is a very economical vehicle to drive. As an antique registration in New Hampshire, it is extremely cheap to not only register, but to insure. It would make a great advertising vehicle for any business or company and would pay its own way. It will only increase in value if it is kept in good condition.

This is an extremely rare vehicle because they were "work vehicles" that were used everyday until they dropped or rusted out. It is very rare to even find them in ANY condition and this one is better than any others I have been able to find.

It is a manual transmission, gasoline 4 cylinder engine, right hand drive and lots of fun to drive. She is green on the outside and black on the inside with a clear New Hampshire antique title. Come look at her and drive her home...


• Estimated 32,000 Miles
• Manual transmission
• 4-cylinder engine

• Acceptable condition for a 1958 vehicle.
• Could use body work to bring to excellent condition.

• Recent engine and transmission restoration.
• Economical to drive.