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1957 Morris Minor Convertible

A real beauty! This car is a rare factory original convertible, not a recent conversion. As a 1957 car, this is a very inexpensive to register because it is an antique. Insurance is also very, very low cost.

Overall in excellent condition, recently fitted new 1098cc unleaded engine and new gearbox, sills and bodywork done 2 1/2 years ago and still in good condition. Refitted interior and brand-new professionally installed matching hood (top) in outstanding condition. Disc brake conversion kit also fitted so stops like a modern car. Inertia seatbelts also fitted front & back. Overall, it's a very pretty car that's heaps of fun to drive!

The car has 77,000 miles on the clock but because of the age, no guarantee can be made. It was first registered on September 11, 1957, is a four speed manual transmission, right hand drive. The color is a very nice gray with lovely contrasting red interior and convertible top. Although the car is not concours condition — and the price reflects that — she is a very drivable classic for everyday use.


• 77,000 Miles
• Manual transmission
• 4-cylinder engine

• Factory original convertible.
• New sills and bodywork recently done.

• Refitted interior and new convertible top.
• Right-hand drive, with new seatbelts.

• Disc brake converion kit.

• Recent new 1098cc unleaded engine.
• New four-speed manual transmission.