Classic Auto Imports


1935 Rolls-Royce Phantom II

This 7-seater limousine affectionately known as Gladys has had an illustrious career featuring in a number of the infamous "Carry On" films out of the UK. This elegant swept-tail limousine has tan leather hide to the front and West of England cloth to the rear. It also benefits from twin occasional seats. The other recommended feature of this highly desirable limousine is its Rolls-Royce B60 engine, which is far more economical and robust than the original Phantom II engine. This is a strong spacious limousine ideal for wedding or film work...or just plain driving and touring.

This luxurious limousine has been carefully transported to NH from the UK and is in outstanding condition. It has just had a new annual MOT which passed without a single problem. In September, my wife and I spent a couple weeks touring the English countryside in this extraordinary motor car without a hitch of any kind. It drives strong and smooth and starts on the button. I drove it from Leicester in the north of England to Southampton (port of export) in the south on the motorway and easily kept up with modern car traffic. It is really an extraordinary example of automotive history! Please plan on visiting beautiful New Hampshire and closely examine this marvelous car which will give any new owner many, many years of trouble-free driving.


• 89,000 Miles
• 4-speed manual transmission
• 6-cylinder engine

• Coachwork by Hooper.
• Black over ivory paint.
• Rust-free, straight body.

• Right-hand drive.
• Tan leather front seats.
• West of England cloth rear seats.

• Rolls-Royce B60 6-cylinder.
• 16,000 miies on it since installed.